Value overflows with <input type=”number”/>

Problem We recently hit a problem where users pasting large numbers in a <input type=”number”/> (part of a query input box), causing a wrong result. After further investigation, we realized that numbers (integer or floating points) exceeding 2^51 causes problems in Firefox, and probably just a bigger precision would cause problems in chrome. At the… Continue reading Value overflows with <input type=”number”/>

Avoid Re-Running NPM/YARN in CMake targets

Introduction Despite all the webpacks and gulp and whatever build/package system you have in your npm/yarn project, chances are you have cmake that orchestrates your build. In my case, our organization requires project to be built/package by cmake, mainly to simplify our build system. Effectively reducing it to run: git clone <project url> cmake …… Continue reading Avoid Re-Running NPM/YARN in CMake targets

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How Open Source Development Differ

Introduction I currently worked for a data warehouse company. My job there involves working on an open source software (kibana) that talks to our closed source version of elasticsearch (talks to our data warehouse). After being around 1 year with the company, I realize I often switch to two types of mindset when switching between… Continue reading How Open Source Development Differ

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