Escape to Lake Hayward

A cold damp Sunday morning in my abode. Dark clouds have descended near the sea, blocking the sun. I’ve spent all my Saturday recovering from the hustle and bustle of work and decided to go for a long hike. By browsing the internet, I ended up settling on a 15km hike on Lake Hayward. The… Continue reading Escape to Lake Hayward

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Theory on Richard Hammond’s Rimac Car Crash

Richard Hammond's Rimac Concept One crash in Grand Tour show.

Before I begin this post, I think it would be important for me to qualify with a statement about electric cars. I am in no way antithetical┬áto electric cars. The possibilities that they would bring is immense. The fact that it has less moving parts translates to less transfer of energy, which would make it… Continue reading Theory on Richard Hammond’s Rimac Car Crash