Open Source Project Branching Model

Introduction This document describes how SonarK works with the upstream project it is forked from, which is Kibana. This is in an attempt to make the upgrading process more manageable by a human being. Problems With “Bulk Upgrade” Up until the writing of this document, upgrades have been performed once every few months when we… Continue reading Open Source Project Branching Model

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Value overflows with <input type=”number”/>

Problem We recently hit a problem where users pasting large numbers in a <input type=”number”/> (part of a query input box), causing a wrong result. After further investigation, we realized that numbers (integer or floating points) exceeding 2^51 causes problems in Firefox, and probably just a bigger precision would cause problems in chrome. At the… Continue reading Value overflows with <input type=”number”/>

Hadoop and F1: Constructor And Overall Race Results

I recently started playing with Hadoop to learn some data analysis. To make it more fun, I decided to fiddle with F1 datasets, specifically the Constructor And Overall Race Results. In this post, I’ll describe the three main process involved in this task. The preparation of data, followed by the two map reduce task, mapping… Continue reading Hadoop and F1: Constructor And Overall Race Results