Joey Andres


Tel: 780-518-2178

Address: Whitewood, SK

Consistent Improvement

Always striving to learn, apply and strengthen new skills.

Selected Accomplishments

    • Managed and developed on a large Node.js project for jSonar.
    • Created C++ reinforcement learning library.
    • Work and participated as a Software Developer in Google Summer of Code for the summer of 2016.
  • Intern Software Developer for University of Alberta’s Learning Management System from May 2015 to August 2016.

Professional Experience

  • Lead Software Developer
    jSonar November 2017 – Current
    Led the JavaScript project of jSonar. This involves working closely with open source projects, managing scrum team, and hiring.

    • Managed and developed organizations Kibana instance.
    • Developed on a proprietary version of Elasticsearch.
    • Managed Scrum Team.
  • Software Developer
    Moodle via Google Summer of Code May-August 2016
    Created an image editing module for the Moodle, a Learning Management System. This involves solving many constraints imposed by the web development environment.

    • Pushed a couple of bug fixes in the Moodle code base.
    • Worked on image editing module for Moodle rich text editor.
  • Software Developer
    University of Alberta’s Information Services and Technology   2015-2016
    Responsible for software development, testing, and sometimes DevOps tasks. A great first look of real-world software development process.

    • Created many modules for the Moodle Learning Management System.
    • Sped up the unit test suite by 4x by creating a continuous integration module that parallelizes the tasks.
    • Created the framework for Student Polling System, in the hopes of saving students money from buying iClicker.
  • Simulation Developer
    Run-WithIT                                                                       May-Oct 2017
    Created simulations to test complex advertising systems. This involves learning about the many systems that interact with the client’s advertising software.

    • Created simulations to simulate external systems.
    • Extensive data mining to gather behaviour of external systems.

Technical Skills

    • C/C++My first language. I’ve written with since Grade 11, in 2011.
    • Java: Plenty of experience with jSonar where I developed our own proprietary version of Elasticsearch, utilizing best practices such as bits of advice from Code Complete and tasteful application of design patterns.
    • PHP: Significant contribution to Moodle framework.
    • Javascript: Worked with AngularJS, Meteor, YUI and other contemporary javascript frameworks. A notable contribution to Meteor framework.
    • .Net: Extensive development experience with C#.
    • Relational and Non-Relational DB: PostgreSQL, OracleDB, and MongoDB.
    • CSS/SASS/LESS: Had regularly used Bootstrap and Ionic CSS framework.
  • Linux: My regular OS, and knows my way around.
  • Hadoop: Used in a various data analysis projects.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, 2017