Escape to Lake Hayward

A cold damp Sunday morning in my abode. Dark clouds have descended near the sea, blocking the sun. I’ve spent all my Saturday recovering from the hustle and bustle of work and decided to go for a long hike. By browsing the internet, I ended up settling on a 15km hike on Lake Hayward.

The drive eastward from Vancouver was foggy but pleasant. I didn’t mind the melancholy the foggy setting has brought. We need that once and a while. It makes the next time you bask in the sunlight more worthwhile. And this is exactly what I felt once I emerged from the descended clouds and arrived at Lake Hayward.

I parked my car in the first parking lot that I encountered. It’s about 50m from the lake down below, so you immediately get a good look at the area.

View while descending from Lake Hayward parking lot.

During the walk, there were very few folks hiking or walking with their dogs, so I was able to maintain solitude. It was a self-reflection walk for me, so I’ll stop my description here. I will leave you with few photographs I’ve captured during the hike.

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